Alaskan malamute tibetan mastiff mix

Alaskan malamute tibetan mastiff mix

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alaskan malamute tibetan mastiff mix has a powerful body and a strong, hardy body. The breed is considered one of the oldest, and its appearance has changed little since its appearance. The dog is very smart, but for training, you need to exert enough strength and perseverance.

If you see the Alaskan Malamute for the first time, you will be amazed at its size. Outwardly, the dog looks like a wolf, so many people think that dogs of this breed are taking place from the wolves. Malamutes often play the role of wolves in various films. Despite the wild appearance, the alaskan malamute tibetan mastiff mix is a good pet.

These amazing dogs have incredible strength, energy, endurance, and intelligence. It is believed that the breed was originally bred to drag heavy sleds with cargo over long distances, as well as to help in the hunt for seals and polar bears. Today the dog is, first of all, a friend. Animals of this breed have achieved considerable success in various competitions and competitions.

Alaskan Malamute is very mobile. He will be happy to play with you, play sports, run in the Park or swim in the sea. Pet is also pleased to be sitting with his master at the TV, but still, the active game is much more interesting for the alaskan malamute tibetan mastiff mix. The contents of this dog can be difficult. That\’s why this breed is not suitable for the unprepared dog owner.

For the normal development of the alaskan malamute tibetan mastiff mix, it is necessary to have a large space in which the dog will feel comfortable and confident. The independent nature of the animal is the reason those novice dog owners the impression that the dog is stupid. Actually, it isn\’t, just Malamutes are very independent, so training the breed needs an individual approach.

If you really want to have such a dog, ready to give it your attention and love, as well as to show patience and perseverance in education, the alaskan malamute tibetan mastiff mix will be for you a truly loyal friend.

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The character of Alaskan Malamute

alaskan malamute tibetan mastiff mix are hardy working dogs. Despite the fact that the Malamutes are designed to carry a sled, take part in search operations, yet these dogs are cheerful and full of energy. They have a playful and friendly character. Easily go on contact even with strangers. This dog is a great family pet.

Maintenance and care

Alaskan Malamutes shed profusely, so they require regular combing, two or three times a week. This amount will be sufficient for the grooming. Especially the active shedding of hair occurs twice a year. During these periods, more thorough care with a good brush. In addition to combing will have to cut the claws, take care of the teeth and ears of the pet. As for the purity of the wool, it should be noted that the alaskan malamute tibetan mastiff mix, in this regard, like cats: they try to keep the wool clean. Bathing these dogs are held only a few times a year, except in cases of severe contamination of the coat during bad weather.

Training and education

alaskan malamute tibetan mastiff mix hard work is inherent at the genetic level. Despite this, the education and training they can be quite difficult, but at home, it gets for most dog owners, in General, a daunting task. For teaching and training dogs of this breed will need a real professional with the persistence and knowledge of the breed.

The Alaskan Malamute is the best dog to participate in the race, as well as a reliable assistant during the Northern expeditions. For example, Admiral Byrd used these dogs in his expedition to the North pole. Often dogs of this breed are involved in search and rescue operations, especially when it comes to saving people caught in an avalanche.

Health and disease

The average life expectancy of the Alaskan Malamute is approximately 12-15 years. The most common diseases of these alaskan malamute tibetan mastiff mix include: autoimmune hemolytic anemia, bloating, cancer, chondrodysplasia (dwarfism), diabetes, epilepsy, eye diseases (degeneration and dystrophy of the cornea, glaucoma, cataract, generalized progressive retinal atrophy), hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, skin diseases (generalized demodicosis, follicular dysplasia). Often in alaskan malamute tibetan mastiff mix, there are genetic pathologies that lead to a violation of zinc absorption, which, in turn, provokes various lesions of the skin (even if the level of zinc in food corresponds to the norm).